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    Mask construction is stainless steel plate with nickel electroform where needed for extra critical mask. Electroforms are made from a lay-up of an actual molded part. This process enables a great deal of detail to be picked up for accurate paint application. The lay-up process permits a certain measure of clearance to be built into the electroform allowing for some part to part variation.

    There are many applications that don't require the robust nature of a metal mask.  This is where plastic vacuum formed masking enters in.  These masks are relatively inexpensive and easy to produce.  Plastics masks can typically be delivered in a short span of time.  Their main downside is a loss of accuracy compared with metal masking.  

    Door Panel Masking
    Door Panel Masking
    Floor Console Masking
    Floor Console Masking
    GMT Masking
    GMT Masking

     'There are many different paint mask applications, such as RFI/EMI Shielding on cell phones, computer housings, remote controls, and medical equipment and toys.  Masks are also used extensively for automotive trim decorating and for resist painting parts that need chrome plating application, such as grilles and wheel covers.   (Request for Information) 

      Thunderbird Head Lamp Lens Hardcoat Mask    Radio Bezel Hinge Style Paint Mask and Nest    Radio Bezel Paint Mask Hinge Style     Center Bezel Mask in Automatic Pneumatic Fixture    Center Bezel Paint Mask in Automatic Pneumatic Fixture

    20" Toyota Alloy Wheel Urethane Sandblasting Mask 20" Toyota Alloy Wheel Paint Mask Medical Cabinet Paint Mask Medical Cabinet Paint Mask Gear Shift Boot Mold
    Head Light Lens Hardcoat Paint Mask Computer Bezel RFI/EMI Shielding Paint Mask Computer Bezel RFI/EMI Shielding Paint Mask Ranger Instrument Panel Robot Paint Mask Freightliner Truck Grille Resist Paint Mask Rear View


       Freightliner Truck Grille Resist Mask Front     Train Boxcar Hand Apply Paint Mask   Nissan Emblem Upspray Paint Mask/Black Letters    Manual Hinge Style Masking   Lazer Cut Part Holding Mask/Multi Part

    Masks can be used in many areas such as painting, vacuum metalizing, and selective gluing applications. If you have any needs in this or any other Secondary Tooling  area do not hesitate to contact us.  (Request for Information)