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    There are many different styles of fixtures used in painting. A Manual Vertical Flip Top Fixture, is one of the least expensive. These are commonly used for small to mid-size parts. Larger parts require a much heavier mask, which makes it difficult to open and close in a manual fixture. In this case, an Automatic Vertical Flip Top Fixture is recommended. Side cylinders automatically open and close the mask, replacing the operators function and easing their burden. (Request for Information)

    Automatic Vertical Fliptop Fixture with Nissan emblem  Manual or Robot Spray Door Panel Automatic Flip Top Fixture Automatic Fliptop Tilting Fixture Malibu Dash
    Nissan Emblem

    Automatic Vertical Flip Top Fixture for Door Panel Mask

    Malibu Dash

    We can make your tooling interchangeable from fixture to fixture/robot to robot.


    Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 


    Michael C. Murray


    Allied Mask and Tooling, Inc.

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    Pictures 6 & 7 show an Automatic Vertical Flip Top Fixture with our advanced Plug and Play interchangeable design. 
    Fixture Fixture

    Malibu Dash Panel Two Tone MaskiingFixture with vacuum assist nestFixtureInterchangeable Fixture with removable nest and floating technology Fixture

    This design allows more than one project to use the same fixture, so only one correctly sized fixture would be needed for each spray booth.  The nests are easily removed and made from stainless steel to allow them to be washed (only as needed of course) along with the masks in a High Pressure Solventless Mask Washer.  The floating design of this tooling allows the masks and nests to be used in any of the fixtures Allied Mask and Tooling, Inc. builds for your facility.  The parts produced from this tooling will be the same regardless of which fixture was used for spray painting.  (Request for Information)