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Allied Mask & Tooling - Decorative Tooling for the Finishing Industry
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    Dear Customer:

    With over 40 years experience in the decorative tooling field, Allied Mask and Tooling, Inc. has built a variety of specialty machinery and accessory equipment. The majority of Allied’s business is by referrals from satisfied customers in and out of the automotive industry. Our philosophy is to build quality machines at a competitive price, and provide the best support and service possible.

    Below is a partial list of the types of tooling, special machinery and accessories that we are capable of providing to your company:

    • Fabricated nesting
    • Poured urethane nesting
    • Assembly fixtures/stations
    • Clip installation
    • Pick and place assembly
    • Custom part clamping
    • Custom racks and part carriers
    • Various test fixtures
    • Chain-on-edge paint systems

    • Electroformed nickel paint masks
    • Fabricated mild or stainless steel paint masks
    • Various mask/rest pad fixtures; flip-top, rotary,
       trunion, tilt, etc.
    • Vacuum metalizing reels with and without
       selective masking
    • Custom curing ovens and conveyor
    • Turnkey paint and coating systems
    • Robot finishing systems

    We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and/or your colleagues on any upcoming projects. Thank you for your time and please accept our invitation to visit our facility. Also, feel free to call me to further discuss our capabilities.

    Mission Statement:
    It is Allied Mask & Tooling, Inc.'s mission to service the manufacturing industry with quality tooling and equipment used in painting, decorating and assembly operations.

    It is our goal to provide a high standard of service and tooling that add value for the customer by:
    1. Promptly handling orders and inquiries.
    2. Keeping our customer aware of the latest cost effective tooling available.
    3. Offering customized service and arrange to meet special needs.
    4. Being available at a moments notice to address customers needs.
    5. Conducting business to the highest ethical standards.